Why is cheap, renewable, clean energy

technology being hidden from the world?

Although I do not agree with everything the author of the video below is saying,

I believe it is an excellent documentary describing the origins, ownership, 

and global effects caused by the petrodollar. 

It is extremely important to understand that the value of the US dollar is

directly tied to the purchase of oil worldwide.  

The term "petrodollar" is used to describe this relationship. 

Today, the biggest business on our planet is the production of energy.  

It is estimated to generate $6 trillion dollars per year,

with enough remaining fossil fuel reserves to last another 100 years.

Primary sources of energy  include oil, natural gas, coal, hydroelectric, nuclear, and wind.

All of these sources have one thing in common... they are produced by monopolistic energy cartels

and sold to the world for huge profits.  

When you understand how the dollar is tied to oil sales worldwide,  

you quickly realize that the global elite who own the world banking system and energy monopolies 

will do anything to defend the value of the dollar, removing government regimes that

do not use the dollar, starting wars to secure energy resources and distribution,

and even suppress the development of new energy sources that threaten it, as described in the videos below: 

For over 100 years, new energy ideas have been suppressed by the global elite through their agents by

bribing, discrediting, threatening and even killing inventors

whose inventions threatened their energy monopolies .

Here is one excellent example... Stan Meyers - Inventor of the water powered car. 

In 1998, Stan Meyers died suddenly at the age of 57 while meeting with NATO representatives

over lunch to discuss the sale of his patent. After giving a toast with cranberry juice, he clenched his throat,

ran outside and told his brother, "they poisoned me!", then dropped dead. 

 Click here for a list of many other new energy inventions that have been suppressed.

Here are excellent videos showing how new energy and propulsion technologies are being suppressed

by the US Department of Energy and Patent Office.

Here is additional information that describes the big picture:

One of the reasons the extraterrestrial presence on our world is being suppressed

is to keep hidden the energy and propulsion systems these ET craft are using for interplanetary travel.  

If these technologies were exposed and allowed to enter the public domain,

existing fossil fuel energy and propulsion systems would become extinct,

and the global elite would lose their grip on world power. 

In this video, David Hamilton from the US Department of Energy describes the global energy problem.

Here is an excellent narrative by Dr. Steven Greer discussing the connection between

energy suppression and the extraterrestrial presence on our world. 

Instead of allowing new energy sources to enter the market, those in power are contaminating our atmosphere with metals such as aluminum, strontium, and barium in order to make it more reflective in an attempt to reverse the global warming effect caused by greenhouse gasses which result from fossil fuel emissions.

New energy devices are based on the natural "Torus" design found everywhere in nature.

Here are 2 excellent documentaries on the "Torus".

Here is an excellent example of new energy technology being developed by Dr. John Searle from Australia.

It should be noted that Dr. John Searle also invented "levity disks" back in 1946.  

These craft elliminate the Earth's field of gravity causing them to "float" in space.  

Here is  the QEG (Quantum Effect Generator), a free energy "open source" device. 

Here are the free construction plans for the QEG

Here several new quantum energy devices... some you can easily build yourself.

Here is one you can make from a computer fan.

Click here to learn about N.E.S.T (New Energy Systems Trust), a networking organization dedicated to bringing new, cheap, clean exotic energy technologies to market.

Here is Dr. Steven Greer's introduction to the new energy paradigm.

Dr. Steve Greer is offering $100,000 to anyone who can make available a

cheap, clean open source energy device to the general public through his Star Energy Challenge.

Here is Randy Powell and Marko Rodin describing Vortex Based Mathematics.

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